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This is an inspiring and uplifting course that encourages participants to begin to believe in themselves again and take previously unthinkable steps into the unknown to create a better future. Its aim is to provide, at best, a prevention mechanism, and, at worst, an optimal and speedy recovery process for anyone who is experiencing low-confidence and self-esteem, social isolation and mental health difficulties, such as anxiety and depression.

The course encourages participants to take up new hobbies and activities, gain qualifications, learn new skills, undergo training, join social and support groups and become involved in volunteering. These are the primary steps that a person experiencing low-confidence, anxiety and/or depression needs to enable them to start to rebuild their lives.

COST: Free
DURATION: One morning a week for four weeks – ends on Friday 29 June 2018
LOCATION: Riverside Training Services, First Floor Offices, 11-23 Market Street, Gainsborough DN21 2BL

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