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This course is specifically designed to spot the signs that a male in your life is struggling with stress overload or mental health difficulties. Men are better at hiding emotional distress than women, mainly due to societal pressures and the associated stigma. In fact, many men can take over two years to disclose mental health difficulties if at all and many go undiagnosed. Males typically report lower life satisfaction levels than women and are three times more likely to become drug or alcohol dependent. They're also three times more likely to commit suicide with the most 'at risk' group being in the 45 - 49 age group. The statistics tell the true story; men account for 93% of the prison population, 87% of rough sleepers, and over 50% of all psychiatric admissions. Men often fail to recognise or act on the early warning signs, or may simply be unwilling to seek help or support. This is predominantly due to lower levels of social support, friends and relatives than their female counterparts. Having the ability to recognise the subtle warning signs is an important skill and may ultimately save a life!

COST: Free
DURATION: One morning a week for four weeks
LOCATION: Riverside Training Services, 11-23 Market Street, Gainsborough, DN21 2BL

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Earlier Event: January 15
Later Event: February 5